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    Tips for Determining Whether Relocation is the Right Choice for You

    Last updated 11 days ago

    You recently received a new job offer. An elderly parent in another state could use your help. You are tired of living outside the city and want to move back to the center of the action. These are just a few common scenarios that beg the question: should I move? Here is a list of factors to think about when deciding to move.


    Though moving is expensive, relocation can actually improve the state of the mover’s finances. Factors to consider include the difference in salary, cost of living, and income and property taxes between your current living situation and your new one.

    Moving History

    Some individuals and families can settle into their new home and environment Karamba casino has the latset games in a matter of weeks. Others still feel exhausted and unacquainted with their new surroundings after a year. Hiring professional movers can help a move go much more smoothly, but much of the feeling-settled-and-comfortable component is dependent on your personality.


    Consider the roots you have set down and the relationships you have established where you currently live, and weigh them against the friends or relatives you have in the city you are considering moving to. If it is important for you to have a circle of friends you have known for a while, give this aspect ample weight when considering a move.

    Future Prospects

    If you are career-driven, but there is not much potential for growth in your current area, a move could help you get where you want to be in your career. A different part of the country could yield much better opportunities in your chosen field.

    If you decide that a move is right for you, let Moving Ahead help. We’re based in Long Island, and we have made the moving process easier for more than 100,000 households. If you would like to be our next satisfied customer, call us at (888) 764-5657.

    How to Declutter Your Home Prior to a Move

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Unless you actively work to prevent it, clutter is a fact of life that will come up again and again. If you are planning a move in the near future, it is time for you to face the music and make a real effort to declutter. Here are some tips to help reduce the amount of clutter in your home before your big move:

    Take Time to Declutter

    You won’t reduce clutter in your Long Island home unless you designate time specifically for that purpose. Sit down with your calendar and set aside some time for sorting through everything you own. Be realistic about how long you think this might take, and treat the time you set aside for decluttering as you would an appointment that cannot be rescheduled.

    Decide What Really Matters

    If you are the sentimental type, you may find it difficult to part with anything that anyone has ever given you. While this is thoughtful, it simply isn’t practical. As you sort through your belongings, decide what really matters to you. Keep functional items you use every day, clothes you wear often, and trinkets and heirlooms that you are positive you would regret donating or throwing out.

    Think About Others

    Decluttering your home is something you do for yourself that also helps others. You will be happier with less clutter in your home, and those who receive your donated clutter will be happier as well. Allow these simple facts to motivate you as you dive in, sort through everything you own, and donate or throw out the bulk of it.

    Once you have donated and thrown out everything you don’t consider essential to your happiness, Moving Ahead can pack up, move, and unpack all that is left. This will make settling into your new home far less of a hassle than if you didn’t declutter beforehand. To learn more about our Long Island moving and storage services, call (888) 764-5657.

    Preparing for Moving Day

    Last updated 24 days ago

    Moving day can be chaotic, and anything you can do in advance to lighten the load on the big day can prove immensely helpful. For advice on preparing for moving day, watch this brief video.

    A moving expert discusses the importance of being present on your moving day and setting the scene to help things go as smoothly as possible. Kids should spend the day with a sitter, and your pets should probably pay a visit to the kennel. Before the moving crew arrives, all items that require special handling should be set aside so you can give the crew specific instructions.

    Moving is always a lot of work, but it can be made easier by planning ahead and hiring a dedicated moving company you can trust. To speak with a courteous and experienced mover who can help you with every step of your Tri-State-area move, call Moving Ahead of Long Island at (888) 764-5657. 

    Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Moving during the winter months can be difficult. In addition to braving the cold weather, you have to navigate the treacherous roads to ensure that you transport your belongings safely from the old house to the new one. For some helpful tips on moving in winter weather, keep reading.

    Check Weather

    The weather can be unpredictable during the winter months — one day it will be sunny and on the next day it will be snowing heavily. In light of this fact, you should stay up to date on the weather conditions in your area the week you are planning to move. If the weather is not favorable, consider postponing your moving date. Following this simple tip will keep your belongings intact and ensure that you get to your final destination safely.

    Drive Safely

    Whether you are driving the moving truck or are following the professional movers in your own car, you have to remember to drive safely at all times. In addition to maintaining a safe following distance behind other vehicles, you should drive slower than you normally would, especially if it is snowing outside or the roads are icy. As an additional precaution, you should pack emergency supplies in your vehicle, including extra warm clothes and a flashlight.

    Hire a Professional Moving Company

    The best way to ensure that your winter move is successful and problem free is to hire a professional moving company. Experienced movers will box and load up all of your personal belongings into the moving truck. Afterward, they will transport all of these items to your new house safely and efficiently.

    For more information about moving during the winter, call the professionals at Moving Ahead in Long Island. We have years of experience in the moving industry, and we have a large fleet of trucks available for all of your moving needs. Contact us today at (888) 764-5657 to speak with a friendly representative. 

    Deciding Whether to Move Following a Divorce

    Last updated 1 month ago

    After a divorce, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether to stay in your current house or move away. To learn more about this topic, read through the article below. If you need moving assistance, make an appointment with your local moving company in Long Island.

    Consider Emotional Issues

    For many people, staying in the same house after a divorce can be emotionally difficult. Before you make a decision about staying or moving, you need to consider how you feel about the situation. If you have too many memories in the house and do not think you can comfortably live there, you should probably move elsewhere. On the other hand, if you feel fine about living in the same house, it will probably be better for you to stay.

    Evaluate Financial Situation

    When deciding whether to keep the house after a divorce, you first have to evaluate your financial situation. If you make a lot of money and can easily afford to make payments on the house, it might be a wise idea to keep it. If you were dependent on your spouse’s income and cannot afford the monthly mortgage payment, moving may be best.

    Other Considerations

    There are a number of other practical considerations to think about when deciding to stay or move following a divorce. For example, if you will be living alone without children, it might make more sense for you to move, since you won’t need a house with as much square footage. If you have kids and need more space to live in, it will most likely be better for you to stay in the house and have your former spouse move out.

    At Moving Ahead, we have been helping Long Island residents with all of their moving needs for over 30 years. To learn more about our services and the benefits of working with us, contact our office at (888) 764-5657. 

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